About Us

Live Around Amsterdam is brought to you by Stun Publishing, home of the Amsterdam Stun. Started by Andy Reeves in 1993, the Amsterdam Stun is a free monthly magazine that centres on life in bars in the centre of Amsterdam.

The very first edition was a one-man effort, with 10 copies of a single sheet of A4 paper printed at home. We now have an average of six people, mainly English, Dutch and Scottish, contributing to a 32-page full-colour magazine with a circulation of up to 1,000 copies a month going into bars around the centre of Amsterdam. The website at www.amsterdamstun.com always features the latest edition and has a searchable archive that currently goes back to 2006.

About Live Around Amsterdam

Music and musicians have always been important to us and over the years, we have made some good friends in the business. We want to expand on that friendship by promoting the thriving live music scene in Amsterdam to bigger, so far untapped, audiences and encourage more visitors to visit the many podia, large and small, this city has to offer.

One thing that we have noticed during our time going around bars with The Amsterdam Stun, is that a lot of live music fans also seem to hang around in bars that show live sport on TV, or is it the other way round? With that in mind, we’ve also listed some of the better Sports Bars in Amsterdam.